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Faith 2 Faith: 
Maybe you haven’t heard, but a recent poll found that New England has become one of the least-reached places in our nation. In a 2017 study, Hartford, CT ranked #6 in the most post-Christian cities in the nation. Based in Southeastern Connecticut, Faith 2 Faith Ministries, Inc. is attempting to change these statistics and make Jesus famous again.
f2fmi is spreading the gospel through youth focused, community based outreach in partnership with the church.

f2fmi is committed to reaching young people for Christ by: Understanding youth culture and operating within its context, Presenting Christ in a language teenagers can understand, Making Jesus relevant to their world, Using innovative approaches to gain their attention, Connecting your church community across denominational lines to proclaim Christ as one, Mobilizing Christians teens to share Christ with their friends!

f2fmi was founded in 2001 by Tom and Amy Miyashiro and is now based in New London, CT.

Work&Learn, Inc. invites any adult who is unemployed or underemployed to its free training course called
Keys and Steps to Personal and Professional Success.”  
The course is taught by a dozen pastors from local churches, six human resource professionals, and by volunteer mentors who serve as a support team to help each participant develop confidence and learn specific career-changing and job-hunting skills to become successfully employed.
You don’t have to be Christian to take the course.